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1993 to date
Take advantage of the momentum to start, accumulate thick and thin, develop high-quality, glow new life
December 2005, SBH launched the non-tradable shares reform.
November 4, 2005, the equity transfer of SBH was completed. COFCO became the largest shareholder of SBH and officially entered the mainland residence market.
December 31, 2004, COFCO and Shenzhen Baoan Investment Management Co., Ltd. signed the Equity Transfer Agreement of Shenzhen Baoheng (Group) Co., Ltd.
February 14, 2006, the non-tradable shares reform plan was implemented. The original non-tradable shares of the company were converted into restricted shares. The abbreviation of the stocks was changed from “深宝恒A” to “G宝恒”.
April 2006, the company's full name was changed from “Shenzhen Baoheng (Group) Co., Ltd.” to “COFCO Property (Group) Co., Ltd.”, and the stock abbreviation was changed from “G宝恒” to “G中粮地”.
2009, the restricted shares of COFCO controlling shareholder were all lifted, and the company's stocks officially entered the full circulation period.
October 2006, the stock abbreviation of the company which had been changed due to the non-tradable shares reform was resumed from “G中粮地” to “中粮地产”.
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