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"Dual-Wheel and Dual-Nucleus"
Multi-format three-dimensional lixnkage to build a "Dayue" ecosphere that integrates peoples beautiful life scenes
Joy Breeze
Young middle-class and mature middle-class

The brand takes young and mature middle-class customers aged 25-45 as its target customers, including family consumer groups, fashion couples, and part of business group. These customers commonly have four core appeals on their ideal life, which are respectively functional, emotional, interactive, and inspiring appeals. In terms of emotion, they hope to enhance the tender feelings among their families to co-experience the simultaneous growth with both families and friends in their interaction; in terms of functional appeal, they pursue high-quality intentions, expecting surprises in the ordinary life; as for the social interaction, they turn to embrace the open community and hope their living environment could be integrated with natural ecological public urban space; and finally for the spiritual appeal, they hope to extend their taste of interests, thus to keep enhancing their personal taste under the guidance of high-quality life... Joy Breeze focuses on 25-45-year-old young and mature middle class groups, including family consumption groups, fashion lovers and part of business groups who have four core demands for their own ideal life, namely, functionality, emotionality, interaction and enlightening: for the characteristics of emotionality demand, they hope to enhance the warm relations, and jointly experience
synchronous growth with families and friends; for the characteristics of functionality demand, they pursue for quality and always look forward to some small surprises in common life pace; for the characteristics of social demand, they embrace open communities and hope to integrate living environment and public space of natural and ecological cities; for the characteristics of mental demand, they wish to expand their aspiration taste and improve individual taste awareness under the guidance of quality life……

Joy Breeze is a fashion living center that takes young and mature middle class groups in first and second-tier cities as main market, and high-frequency ideal

life needs as category guidance, and includes retail, catering, life, service, leisure, entertainment, social contact, family and parent-children businesses. As a quality life service provider, it is committed into leading the industry trend of regional business center, improving the value of surrounding areas and radiating urban groups in a wider scope.

Joy Breeze expands abundant implication of life and defines life aesthetics of young and mature middle class groups through pure life concept.

We think the real life aesthetics does not lie in pursuit of trend But construction of its beauty, So as to convey pleasant meaning Connect diversified and colorful scenes in series with mellow connotation To moisten affection And integrate mutual intimate relationship with the gentle method To enlighten new conception Light up abundant interest from the inner heartwith tranquil and beautiful posture
Here is Joy Breeze, and life aesthetics we yearn for

Young middle-class and mature middle-class


Bear positivity, inclusiveness and sense of warmth, clearly convey brand and enterprise theory and associate life aesthetics and ideal world outlined by the brand , which is easy to build an integrated brand impression.2


Bear strong specificity, have warmth as wind caresses the cheeks and happy and pleasant image, convey brand theory with novel and suitable intonation, which is beneficial to form memory points and spreading.


Inherit classic connotation of “Joy” brand, integrate more abundant sentiment of ideal life, convey the beauty and freshness feeling of life picture scroll, which is beneficial to spread the brand in international occasion, deepen the association of brand impression to relevant parent brands and reinforce the brand effect.

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