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"Dual-Wheel and Dual-Nucleus"
Multi-format three-dimensional linkage to build a "Dayue" ecosphere that integrates peoples beautiful life scenes
Joy City
18-35 year
18-35 year

The 18-35-year-old emerging middle class, who regard one-third income as disposable income; who have been well educated, more willing to accept a debt life style; who pursue quality life with attitudes, willing to pay for value-added products and services; who are strongly aware of brand values; who love to try new and trendy products and services.

Urban Complex with Whole Service Chain

Mainly positioned at the 18-35year-old emerging middle class, brand characteristics
of young, fashion, trendy and quality; with shopping mall as the main part, Joy City
is composed of various business sectors, such as service apartments, office buildings,
hotels and so on; an urban complex with a comprehensive service chain.

Young Fashion

Joy City urban complex has the brand essence of “City of Fashion, City in Evolution”. It keeps the young urban rising middle-class in mind, with the functional characteristics of diversified industry fields and comprehensive living supplies, so as to influencing youth’s
lifestyle and boosting cities developments as its ultimate aims.

City of fashion and evolution

Joy City leads a leading lifestyle by its outstanding life attitudes, which become therole model for people to learn and follow.

Young / Fashion / Trend / Quality

Young refers to the target audience group. Joy City pays attention to young people at different levels and meets their requirements and preferences.
Fashion is the main line. Persisting in innovation and change, Joy City is a live and leading brand.
Trendy is the way of exxpression. Joy City is in line with characteristics of the mainstream culture.
Quality is a life pursuance. Joy City expects to build up people’s prospects for better quality life through its brand.

Diversity / Fresh / Trendy Attitude / Integrated into life

Diversity : Is the functions and atmosphere ofJoy City shopping mall.
Trendy Attitude :Is the characteristics of Joy City shopping mall.
Fresh: Is the experience and feeling of JoyCity shopping mall.
Integrated into life: Is the interactive relationships between the customers and Joy City shopping mall.

Joy City Joy Up!

It has a dynamic, positive and inspiring feeling, which communicates a positive attitude to fashion and life. Joy up is closely lixnked to the brand name Joy City, which provides the exxpression of specificity. It is easy to remember, and easy to spread.

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