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"Dual-Wheel and Dual-Nucleus"
Multi-format three-dimensional linkage to build a "Dayue" ecosphere that integrates peoples beautiful life scenes
Shine Hills
High and Medium Yield in Cities
Super Freeman:

Freedom of wealth, time and action, calm life, the pursuit of spiritual freedom, family values.

Emerging Freemen:

Creatives / intellectuals, financial self-sufficiency, dream-driven, spiritual freedom, broad vision, extraordinary taste, naturally internationalist, naturally living home.

Panoramic open-end business district, the integration of Humanities and nature of the international life sample.

Panoramic open-end business district, the integration of Humanities and nature of the international life sample. Close to 200 international retail, featured catering, leisure and entertainment, children's wisdom and innovative experience brands are gathered, presenting the first "urban micro-vacation" theme life town in China. Quality Daily Gathering Place, Intimate Relations Energy Field, Free Soul Place

Happy gathering place·Spiritual home
Happy gathering place We are committed to creating a temperate business atmosphere and a scenario of beautiful memories, bringing new and pleasant experiences to every customer. With the main functions of amorous architecture, situational activities, organic business mix and family symbiotic consumption scenario, it provides high quality living space for the target passengers, and promotes urban development as the main goal.
Spiritual home Spiritual home, the center of life. Taking "family sharing economy" as the operation mode, strengthening the motif of growth and companionship, creating the characteristic space of micro-vacation and the theme experience of family celebration, so as to realize the customers'beautiful life vision. Characteristic brand activities have been held for many years and continuously upgraded to improve the temperature and viscosity of commercial format and absorb "sincerity".
Young middle-class and mature middle-class

Affinity temperature·Rich and diverse

Worldwide Proposals for a Better Life with a Global Perspective
Leadership: Looking at the future and reconstructing the rules of business games with new imagination
Cultural Character Constructs Unique Commercial Magnetic Field with Strong Cultural Symbols

Taste of life
Free, fresh, open and inclusive market, a flourishing and exquisite gathering place for intimate relations
The milk of human kindness
Open and inclusive Market
Love and freedom

Under the new meaning given by the new brand market, the self-recognition should be re-positioned.

Shine Hills Product Line
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